Prosperous Goddess
with Sage
You are invited to join a select group of awakening women who are highly committed to Self, Spirit & Service
Each woman is vetted and intuitively chosen by Sage & The Angels.
Enrollment is by invitation only to ensure the highest quality of group members, connection and support, far more than most masterminds. 
Who it' s for...
Dear Prosperous Goddess,

You are a heart-centered spiritual woman ready for the next level in your life &  in your wealth, business, creativity & awakening.
You’ve been on the path a while, and you know that by now you need MORE  ADVANCED tools, teachings and transformation to ACCELERATE your spirituality AND your abundance. You were guided here for a reason! You're ready to: 


* Turn your WOUNDS into WISDOM. You have deeper layers, levels and even  lifetimes to heal including your MotherWound and FatherWound. Enjoy reciprocal soul-satisfying harmonious connections of ALL kinds.
* IMPROVE your BOUNDARIES & DISCERNMENT... Intuitively KNOW what (and who) to say no to, and when to say a big juicy YES! …
Keep your power & energy and stop feeling depleted or over giving.

* Put your commitment to SELF + SPIRIT front and center this coming year.

* Experience a higher level of ABUNDANCE while working LESS.
* Embrace the DIVINE FEMININE – Connect with the Goddess within.

* FEEL more Divine Ease, Balance, Flow & Grace ...

* ALIGN with your PURPOSE and take STRATEGIC INSPIRED ACTION so you share  your intuitive, healing and creative gifts more widely & prosperously with the world 

* Activate all your SuperPowers & Live Your Earth Mission!
Feel supported, seen, heard, valued & celebrated for who you ARE,
so you can live your BEST life - your BLESSED life - and fulfill your DESTINY.

There are 2 program levels to choose from: Golden and Diamond.
S Y N E R G Y   O F   SIS T E R H O O D
Golden Goddess
The Golden Goddess Level is all about Healing & Awakening and will help you
enhance your intuitive ability to RECEIVE and to PERCEIVE the creative gifts and
messages the Divine has in store for you. Go from stressed to BLESSED!

Monthly Guidathons with Channeling, Healing HeartSeats – LIVE with Sage,
Archangel Michael & Goddess. Get the clarity & support you need. 

(12) Live Group PURPLE TENT Sessions 2-3 hours each month —
Women’s Full Moon, Magic and Mystery Goddess Circle!

Your name on Sage’s Altar for the whole year.
Special Reiki & Prayers so you receive continuous energetic and spiritual support.

The NEW Radiant Radical Self-Love IMMERSION with deepening exercises for
greater health, life balance and joy. Receive from the YOUniverse! 

Archangel Michael Wisdom School of Light(when it opens)
Angelic channelings & meditations for your enlightenment & inspiration.

Feedback + Come-Unity Support via Our Private Facebook group - Supportive
HeartSpace of Soul Sisters on the Path plus mentoring from Sage. 


(1) Acceleration and Awakening Session! 
1:1 With Sage and The Angels - Up to 2 hours VIP Session
Diamond Goddess
The DIAMOND GODDESS VIP level is for you if you already have a sense of your purpose and mission, you have a business launched or semi-launched. You want high-level focused support so you can steadily, in a joyous, healthy and balanced way, RAPIDLY EXPAND YOUR IMPACT & INCOME with your soulwork. 

You want more $5k, $10k or even $20k months, and more ease & flow as you grow.

Diamond Goddesses get everything Gold Goddesses get plus further support via:

LIVE COACHING INTENSIVES - Phone / Zoom sessions Prosperous Goddess Online Retreats (3 hours each month). This is where a lot of the practical, how-do-I-DO-it? Q&A coaching and magic mentoring happens! 

KEYS TO THE COURSES (all my best signature programs) As a VIP, whatever resources you need will be available for you - You will get mentored as you move through the courses you are ready for, at your own perfect pace. 

THE PSYCAM VIP EXPERIENCE With Sage & The Archangels - Known as the world’s most comprehensive intuitive reading, called The Spiritual MRI Xray because of the laser 100% accuracy revealing what is going on with your energy field and exactly how to heal it.

You will receive a customized Psychic Chakra Aura Map colored drawing + written channeled report of 10-20 pages – and go forward from your PsyCAM with a CLEAR Life Roadmap for Your Destiny. Includes guidance for your health, home, love and more. 3 Half VIP Days. 


(1) Shamanic Spiritual Clearing Psychic Surgery 1:1 session with Mark to clear out your blocks
(2) VIP Half Days with Sage – 3 to 4 hours each Get It Done Breakthrough Days
(2) Awakening & Acceleration Sessions 1:1 with Sage Two personal 90-min. private sessions
expansion  with  ease
Diamond Goddess

The Prosperous Goddess Loot Camp Re-TREAT!
Live in-person intimate spiritual retreat at the mineral springs Diamond Goddesses get to enjoy the bliss of this 4-night, 5-day retreat at Mt. Shasta! 

Mount Shasta is a very sacred site, considered by many to be the First Chakra of Planet Earth, imbued with healing from the Star Beings and Crystals, nurturing, holiness and deep healing associated with the Divine Mother. 

This is not a conference. It is a very intimate sacred immersion in healing, Goddess energies, Crystal, Angelic, Earth and Star Healing for your Body, Mind, Heart and
Soul. PLUS Reiki Attunement, Aligned Abundance and Divine Destiny activations! 
2 hours of MAGNETIC COPYWRITING – (Or whatever you most need)

Sage has been called a Marketing Magician for a reason!

Highly detailed editing & marketing magic! We’ll work on your marketing, irresistible free offer (gift to build your email list), and/or give you customized coaching for a
website makeover! 

(1) Awakening & Acceleration Session 1:1 with Sage
1 Additional 90-min. private session 

(6) Money Reiki ZAP group sessions to boost your money magnetization power! –
(2) Remote Reiki & Money Reiki PERSONAL HEALING SESSIONS – These are 1:1  personalized distant healings for that extra energy alignment whenever
you need it. 

Use your bonus Reiki + Money Reiki sessions to support you for a launch, talk,
website, for your office space, or for health & energy.
Fast  action  bonuses
Your Investment

8 Additional energy healings with Sage or Mark
+ 2 hours of Magnetic Copywriting/Website Makeover Coaching
+ 1 Additional 1:1 with Sage
+ 4-day Prosperous Goddess Mt. Shasta Loot Camp Re-Treat!

The Diamond Goddess Level is for you if you love the additional 1:1 VIP sessions for healing and coaching, monthly group live Q&A Coaching for more masterminding and accountability, special LIVE 4-day sacred site Mt. Shasta bliss retreat and the PsyCAM Life Roadmap and Aura Reading with life-changing channeled messages for you. 

Golden Goddess focuses on Receiving, Healing, Intuition, Creativity and Awakening.
Energy Mastery & Life Balance. Inner Peace & Happiness EVERY DAY.

Diamond Goddess will also expand your Soulwork Business, Life Purpose & Destiny.
It's for you if you want to monetize & magnetize Wealth by being Who You Are.

Now is the time to step up and shine forth in this world as the Prosperous Goddess you came here to be. 

Choose the Mastermind Level that's right for you and get ready for Magic, Miracles & Manifestation!
Synergy  of  sisterhood
About Sage

After experiencing three Near Death Experiences in the Mexican desert in 1994, Sage went through a profound and powerful spiritual awakening, awakening her gifts of clairvoyance and healing.
And yet, driven by financial lack, she found herself again and again returning to jobs and careers that zapped her spirit and left her severely exhausted: adrenals, immune system, and her very soul. Almost giving up on life, Sage chose instead to embrace all of life and risk sharing ALL of who she is.
The result? Sage became a channel of Archangel Michael. She was voted the world’s #1 Law of Attraction teacher, is a best-selling author and has created 10 online courses and the Prosperous Goddess Mastermind.
Sage serves as a Divine Alignment Coach and Catalyst to tens of thousands of awakening people worldwide, with a 6-figure business specializing in helping women love themselves, life and Spirit, and live more intuitively and prosperously while joyfully sharing and shining their unique soul gifts.
Roxann Pool


"Sage's Prosperous Goddess® Mastermind & Loot Camp® is the most supportive environment you could ever find if you are a spiritual woman and you want to share your healing, creative & intuitive gifts more widely with the world.
Sage is a phenomenal coach & teacher! I already knew she was the Real Deal as an intuitive and healer because I've been in her other programs, but the Mastermind & Loot Camp go lightyears above and beyond. There is no other program where you can get such WORLD CLASS intuitive guidance and training, business coaching, and healing on all levels, far more than you can even imagine because The Goddess, The Angels & Ascended Masters are fully present and you will literally feel the divine energy immediately.
And now with Sage and Archangel Michael's help, I've launched my business as an intuitive, medium and healer! I'm being published in 2 books, doing healings and readings worldwide, and I'm poised for tremendous expansion. I'm also experiencing and witnessing so many breakthroughs & miracles (for me and the other women - at every session).
So if you are ready for a whole NEW LEVEL of success and happiness personally, creatively, spiritually and financially, I highly recommend you enroll in the Prosperous Goddess Mastermind! And be sure to come to Loot Camp too because you will absolutely love itl I am traveling again from across the country for Loot Camp 2019 and can't wait to see what magic will happen next!"
- Roxann Pool, IAM Healer, Medium, Reiki Master, Louisiana


They have empowered me, they energize me, enlighten me and helped me manifest more miracles and blessings than I could have even imagined possible! I now have a great new job ($5,000 more every month), improved relationships, and SO much more happiness.
I am steadily and very quickly creating my Dream Life with the help of Sage and Archangel Michael! What would happen in your life if that came true for you as well?
 - Marija Strat, Sweden
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